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Effort and Ease

Hello hello,


I hope you’re doing well. This week I’ve been focusing my attention on the balance of effort and ease. Viewing them not as opposites, but as partners. Exploring how they work together to give us fulfillment and joy. Finding and appreciating both each day.

In the garden, everything has sprouted! The nasturtium took some time to come in, but now its leaves are the first to be spotted from afar.

False Garlic

Spring continues to bloom. I continue to learn about the different species of plants and animals around me. If you’re interested in that, I recently created a page of photos that I’ll continue to update:

Today I learned about the plant that currently covers a lot of the ground here. It's called Henbit, which is part of the mint family. It’s not minty in taste, a trait shared with many other mint family members, including oregano, sage, and basil! It is nutritious though, and a beautiful ground cover, protecting the soil from erosion. The butterflies and bees enjoy the flowers. False Garlic is also blooming everywhere at the moment.

Something I've experienced this week is how the effort and ease we feel with any action changes over time. When we give daily effort towards learning something, gaining strength, or building a skill, we continue to find more and more ease. Just as the seasons change, so do our priorities. So do the ways we focus our efforts and the ways we live with ease.

May you find a balance of both,



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