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Weekly Letters

Hello my friends!

The past year has been full of change, adventure, and travel. While I've had the chance to visit with most of you at least briefly, I've spent a lot of time with only my pups. As I am quite introverted, this has been necessary for me to heal from the stress, anxiety, and depression that has persisted for countless years. I feel like I've only just started the healing process, but I want to make a conscious decision to keep everyone more updated with where I'm at. Mentally, but also physically, since I am determined to continue traveling this year.

So, I will be writing a weekly letter and posting it here. I'll share travel plans as I map them out, as well as some stories, thoughts, and photos. I hope that you will keep me updated, too. You can always reach me by sending an email, text, letter, or giving me a call. I know that I've missed some details in each of your lives and would love to be caught up.

Thanks for reading! Here's to more change, adventure, and travel!



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