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Travel update

Hai! Halo! Om swastiastu!

These are all greetings used in the beautiful Indonesian province of Bali. I am practicing them because in April I will be traveling there! During my trip I will be learning more about the culture, meeting others from around the world, reconnecting to my vegan beliefs, and devoting time to meditation. I am so excited and grateful that I will be taking this healing trip and sharing it with you here!

Speaking of healing, today I focused on my breath in the Day 8 yoga practice. This restful day makes the previous 7 well worth the time and effort needed to show up. Let me know if you end up trying some of Adriene’s videos! She makes yoga an approachable and light-hearted practice, which is really valuable when creating a habit. She also has a sweet dog named Benji who is often practicing alongside her, so there is another reason to check out her videos!

On my way to Bali, I will spend a few days in Taiwan. The culture is friendly to veganism, so I will get to explore the city and markets while enjoying local food. This means I’ll also be practicing some Taiwanese in the coming weeks! Mandarin is widely used and understood in Taiwan, so I will practice that as well. Some of my sweet students have taught me basic phrases - however, I’d be really excited if I could recognize some characters, too!

This year we get an extra day. How will you be spending it? I’ll be spending it the way I’ve decided to spend each end-of-the-month day this year: reflecting on the month and checking in to make sure that I’m still making decisions that align with my values and intentions.

See you in a week!



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