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Hello friend,

The transition into spring has begun and I don’t know about you, but I’m over the moon. I enjoyed winter and now I’m joyfully embracing all the signs of spring. The beautiful sunny days. The birds singing and flying about. The tiny blooms of purple and pink on the ground and in the trees. The bees and butterflies doing their important work of pollination. Pictured below is a Pipevine Swallowtail I saw this morning.

Spring for me usually centers around some pretty tough Texas allergies. This year it’s different. Sure, I may still have some struggles come April, once the pollen is in full swing, but it hardly matters. I find myself, like the plants around me, growing. I find myself focusing a lot more on the beauty and joy in life, rather than the difficulties. This growth continues, even as I’ve allowed myself to acknowledge and learn more about the upsetting truths of the world. Maybe it’s no coincidence. As I grow my capacity for taking in beauty, I grow my capacity for taking in everything else, without ill effect.

While I'm metaphorically growing in my heart and mind, I'm also literally growing in my garden! At the end of February I built a garden and the sprouts are already popping up through the soil. Right now I have 3 raised beds which contain seeds of zinnia, marigold, nasturtium, green beans, cucumber, lacinato kale, carrots, spinach, peppers, and watermelon. When I’m able to, I’ll get some local transplants of tomato, onion, and basil. Time will tell if my efforts are enough to keep away all the lovely animals out here that would have no problem chewing my new plants down to the roots.

So far most of the sprouts look to be flowers, which are spread throughout all 3 beds as wonderful companion plants to the fruits and veggies. I'm eager to see more plants come through. Tending a garden is such a fun reason to enjoy some time outside. Touching the ground, the dirt, the soil, feels like coming home to where it all began. Where it all begins. It's difficult to explain the utter happiness I felt when I found some worms in the dirt. Pure joy. Thank you, worms.

For many of you living in different climates, I know it does not yet feel like spring. I hope you can enjoy the last bits of winter and rest assured that warmth and growth are on their way. Perhaps you can find the tiniest hint of spring somewhere if you put your attention to it. You know how you start to notice a particular thing all around you once someone points it out?

That’s what we're up to in Texas. Now I’m off to continue some projects while the sun is out. What are you tending to this spring? I invite you to think big when you answer this question. There are so many valuable things that could use your love and attention. Most of all, maybe, your own self.

With love,



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